Daily or weekly?

Should I  start posting  daily or weekly? I shall make a pros and cons list.

                 DAILY POSTS

      PROS                                         CONS
        Fun                                          getting  grounded
lets me write                                 uninteresting days
typing practice                    
                                         gets in the way of homework
easy to remember
keeps me calm

                                                           weekly posts

pros                                                                                                    cons
no homework messing up                                                   book reports in the way                                                                                                                        
typing practice

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6th grade Grace

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't had any new posts recently. My Doll Kit was a draft. So,  about  middle school Grace. I am obsessed with #GBBO, cooking, baking, drawing, and practicing babysitting. My eleventh birthday is July 20th, and 11 is, I guess, the legal babysitting age. My mom says I am a mature 11 year old. On Father's  Day, Mommy, Millie, and I made strawberry cheesecake chimichangas. In fact, I'm eating one right now. So good! I'm watching GBBO as I write.This is, by far my longest post.    Bye LLAMAS

My Doll Kit

My doll Kit is an American girl doll.I wish I could show you a picture,but I can't.I don't really have a picture. I did find one online, though.

#4th grade

Hi, guys! It's been a long time, but I'm back! I have my own youtube channel,four hundred fifty-something A.R. points, and crushed hopes. Here's the thing:my GS troop was supposed to go to Camp Waluta in Silsbee this weekend, but it is flooding there. I was so excited. On the way to Orange, I was silent. I have a phone! on my kindle, I don't have the poop emoji. whyyyyyyyyyyy?

my summer

So, here's the thing. I went to Girl Scout camp, resident camp, and turned 9, all in 1 summer. Twilight
camp was amazing, so was resident camp, and my party was a blast.
I had early release today.I am an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Hi! Grace W here! I love my blog!It is so amazing!Well, I've got to go!BYE!